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900 S Caton Ave, Baltimore MD 21229
Phone: 667-234-3134

1st Floor (main building)

Library Open Hours: 7:30AM - 4:00PM (Monday - Friday)

After Hours Access limited (door unlocks at 6:30AM weekdays) 

Librarian: Lucinda Bennett

Quick Links

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews



Patient Education Resources

The following PDF contains local electronic resources for patient education on four major topics: Bariatric surgery, diabetes, heart failure and stroke. An emphasis is on video education rather than primarily handouts to be printed, although those are listed too. 

How to use this PDF:

  • Each page contains live links to various databases & platforms available locally.
  • There are two categories, subscribed resources (found within the IP range of the hospital) and open access (found on the public internet).
  • From there, each education topic has various subtopics arranged in columns. 
    • Example: Stroke --> Post Stroke Depression 
  • Next is a column of links, where you can find these resources. 
  • Finally, a column of Notes described what the link opens to.
    • Example: Handouts, videos in a database, videos hosted on Youtube

Access the PDF here.

Mobile Apps

  • Sanford Guide - Covid19 App                  "In the interest of providing the medical community with concise information about the rapidly changing SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 situation, Sanford Guide has made its resources related to the pandemic available without a digital subscription."  Access is available on the Web, on IPhone or IPad, and Android devices.

Check out the Medical Algorithms Project, now called Medal The Medical Algorithms Company

It has been around for over a decade, and has 1,000s of medical care algorithms for over 45 different specialties in medicine and nursing.   It was developed by Dr. Sriram Iyengar, Ph.D., of the School of Health information Systems, University of Texas, Houston, and the Institute for Algorithmic Medicine.  For individuals, it is still freely accessible at the URL below.  You will need to register to gain access; it has iOS and Android apps available.  Here is the URL below:

Open Links to Catholic Bioethics Sites

Continuing Education

Interprofessional Continuing Education

"Our goal is to leverage technology to establish innovative training and education featuring internal subject matter experts from across Ascension and beyond. The new Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) website allows all associates - clinical and non-clinical - access to continuing education. The new cloud technology has simplified the process to apply, accredit and award continuing education as well as maintaining a repository of educational activities, transcripts and certificates. The IPCE site hosts the Ascension educational activity calendar for upcoming activities, livestream and on-demand education. Ascension associates can log in using their single sign-on for ease, and all others have access to the same high-quality education by logging in as a non-Ascension associate."  

Profile Setup QRG

To access this education platform  you will need to create a profile, please use link above for instructions.

Library News & Announcements


Clinical Key News Reminder: To access full text of book chapters please be sure to create a free account and sign in. Reference this article for details.

Clinical Key Nursing Issue: Currently, PDFs do not function in CKN. There is a link claiming the user can find full content if clicked on; this link doesn't provide full content. Please do not use it. If you need assistance with the e-books in CKN, please contact me. Thank you.

Days when the Librarian will be away: 

  • Holidays/Vacations :  21st June
  • Work From Home : TBA
  • In the event of my absence the library email will be monitored by a fellow Ascension Librarian. Please use for any article requests or literature searches whilst I am away.  

Days when Library Orientation will occur (please note for computer access)

  • 19th June

Our library blog is now live! Newsletter issues and interesting articles will be archived here. Interesting articles, searching tips, and other fascinating news will appear on this site. See below for the most recent posts. If you would like to be added to the Newsletter mailing list let the Librarian know!

Citation Matcher

Catalog: Search for Print Resources 

Joint Commission has many open and free information sources on its web site.  Click to access the valuable information on CLABSI with guidelines, prevention measures, etc.

Hospital & Ambulatory AMP E-Resources

Getting Started:
  • Browse the standards and requirements. From the left menu:
    • Select a Product.
    • Select an Effective Date.
    • Select a Program.
    • Click on Accreditation Requirements or Certification Standards.
    • Select a Chapter and click on a specific Standard or requirement to see the details.
  • Enter a search phrase or standard number at the top left and click the search button.
  • For details click E-dition Help at the top right corner of the screen.

MARYLAND COMAR - Code of MD Regulations

You can lookup any of the MD state regulations Here.

What Is COMAR?

"Maryland State agency regulations are compiled in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). COMAR contains 36 Titles, with each Title corresponding to a department or agency. Each regulation is assigned a unique fo​ur-part codification number."
The Dept of Health is Subtitle 10.

Health Disparities Resources

Be sure to also check our databases for e-books & e-journals specific to the patient population you are researching!

Refugee, Immigrant & Indigenous Resources

The Center of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion helped create a web site of health disparities information. This resource also provides best evidence on this topic.


The Surgeon General has a comprehensive web site on health issues pertinent to all Americans.


The American Medical Association has information regarding disparities in health care, and offers continuing medical education credits for increasing your knowledge on these issues.


Additionally, there are private non-profit religious agencies or other government bodies which offer valuable and trustworthy information on the issues surrounding healthcare disparities, and which address barriers to standard healthcare.  Below are some selected sites.  Click on the links below to access these relevant and useful websites on health disparities.

Open Access Journals & Other Resources

About The Library

Welcome to the Library! Our physical space is open to all Ascension Saint Agnes associates during open hours. All electronic resources are available throughout the hospital campus from any computer via The Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital website. 

Writing a Case Study or Report? Be sure to investigate our online resources including these online journals & ebooks: A&A Case Reports, Journal of Medical Case Reports, Radiology Case Reports, Clinical Cases in Anesthesia etc...Be sure to check the Citation, Writing & Research Help page for helpful tips, videos and templates for personal statements, posters and other writing needs. 

Do you need assistance with edits, brainstorming or composition? Make an appointment with the Librarian or send a draft to the library email and I will be glad to help. 

Popular titles such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine can be accessed via our Discover Tool. Online journals, books and clinical overviews can also be found in our Clinical Key & Ovid databases. Systematic Reviews, Drug Trials & Meta Analyses are easily found in the Cochrane Library. 

All physical books are to be checked-out and checked-in with the Librarian. Most books are available for 2 weeks, with a few exceptions for 1 week loans. Reference books & periodicals are not to leave the physical space but can be read in the library anytime.

Services provided by the Library include:

  • Literature searching and research assistance
  • Document delivery and discovery services as part of the National Library of Medicine library network
  • Study Space and Carrels

Borrowing - Use the Library Request Form or email us when your search does not connect you to our full-text subscriptions. The Librarian can be reached at Our library is a full member of the National Library of Medicine network of professional medical and health sciences libraries and as such can order articles from other institutions should we not have access to the article you need.

Physical space amenities include:

  • Wireless environment
  • Computers and Printer
  • Scanning
  • Copying  -- Copying is self service only, and is to be used for actual work-related needs, or the CME/CNE requirements for certification.  Use of the copier is circumscribed by relevant library and hospital policies regarding the same. 

The Ascension Library department now has a national page! Here you can access information on what resources are available on a national level, what services are on offer and a comprehensive list of all Ascension librarians. Find it via the following link:

Ascension Library Services

Maryland Resources

This web site is the official site for the state of Maryland regulations -- COMAR. It is user friendly for searching. In cases of judicial proceedings, a firm paper copy of the COMAR register is considered to be the official format. The print format intact and updated can be found in our Library Reference section. No pages may be taken out to be copied -- instead pull from the online format and double check against the print.

Maryland Medicine Journal is now open access online.  Archived issues from the last century are available under publications on the MEDCHI website.

Maryland’s health care delivery system consists of public and private hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, home health care services, hospices, providers, and health educators, among others. As a public health department, our goal is to improve the health status of every Maryland resident and to ensure access to quality health care. 

Statistics Help

The National Library of Medicine and other public sites on the web have excellent overviews on finding and using statistics in your clinical research.  Follow the links below for some excellent information and how-tos.  Click below on their Finding and Using Health Statistics, and all the links following it.


Medical and Biomedical Open Access Web Sites with Computational Tools: