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What are the Health Humanities?

A common definition of "Health Humanities" goes something along the lines of: an interdisciplinary field that draws on aspects of the arts and humanities in approaching  healthcare, health and the general well-being of both patients and caregivers. Essentially, the core of the discipline is the the application of the creative or fine arts and humanities studies combined with questions of human health and well-being. Art is all around us, at any given time we are benefitting from an artist or artisan's hard work be it in the tools we use or the shows we watch. Just as important as the advances in medical care are to a person's physical care, the arts contribute incredibly to their mental and emotional health.  

Health Humanities Consortium

The HHC is an excellent starting point when learning just what the scope of this discipline is and has to offer.

"The Health Humanities Consortium promotes health humanities scholarship, education, and practices through interdisciplinary methods and theories that focus on the intersection of the arts and humanities, health, illness, and healthcare. 

Our goals are to:  

  • Promote understanding of the experiences of patients, caregivers, and communities as they are shaped in relation to models of disease, illness, health, and wellness.
  • Share practices and scholarship through an annual meeting.
  • Educate the public, healthcare professionals, and educators about the history, practice, and study of health humanities."

Artwork of the Month                                                                         Topic of the Month

"Medicine Shield, Crow Woman"                                                                                                                          "Visit to the Quack Doctor" or "The Inspection"



Artist: Joseph Henry Sharp                                                                                                                                   Artist: William Hogarth                                                                                                                                     

1906                                                                                                                                                                          1743                                                                     

Medium: Oil on Linen                                                                                                                                             Oil paint on canvas                                                                                                     

(Source: Smithsonian American Art Museum)                                                                                                  (Source: National Gallery, London) 

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