TDNet Discover

TDNet Discovery Tool & Other Website Guidance

Welcome to our new library website. It is one easy entry point of accessing all the e-resources the Ascension Saint Agnes Medical Library has to offer through a single search. It will save time of users, and ensures getting the best results from various resources, without searching in multiple places. Your searches will also go through reputable open access databases such as PubMed.

Access the platform from either a Ascension Saint Agnes employee computer or through your VPN account. 

*This guide was created by fellow Ascension Librarians Smita Joshipura & Heather Livingston in TX

Personalize Your Experience

We suggest you create your own free account with TDNet. Click Sign up in the top navigation bar. You can make a personal account to save your searches, create Table of Contents Alerts, and bookmark frequently used resources.  

Questions? Contact our Library line at: 

Getting Started

Discover Search: In Discover Search, simply type your keyword or topic into the search box, and the most relevant results will appear for your research. Explore a variety of content from journals to e-books. With easy filtering options on the left side, you can narrow your results to the type of content, publication, date, (and more) to find exactly the information resources you need. To complete your search, select Search.


Advanced Search : In Advanced Search, combine various drop-down options with Boolean operators. As you build your search, the search syntax will appear within the search box. To complete your search, select Search.

Using the Print Catalog

Are you looking for a book to borrow? A specific title or just curious what we have on the shelves? All patrons can create free accounts on our catalog that will enable you to request books, save searches, etc. But you do not need an account to check out books. Go the the Home page and scroll down, look in the central column until you see this tool:

Enter a keyword(s) relevant to your topic and hit Search. You will then be taken to our online catalog. Results will look like this:

Once you choose a book, click its title. From there you will see if it is available for checkout (Circulation), how many copies we have on hand, and its call number (where is lives on the shelf.) From there, simply pick you book and come to the library office to check it out!

Citation Matcher

The Citation Matcher is an exact article finder. The Citation Matcher is used when searching for a specific article and requires enough information to locate it accurately. If you know DOI or PMID of an article you are searching, you can enter in the Citation Manager search box  or you can expand Citation Manager, and enter Title, Author, Journal, etc. 

Once you have entered enough information to uniquely identify one single article, select Match to bring up the result. You will be presented with a window offering you various methods of accessing the item.


The PICO(T) tool is a great way to build a clinical query. You can find it on either the Medical or Nursing tabs in the Navigation Bar above.

Enter your question into the appropriate blocks:

Your results will open in a new window. Remember, all filters are in the left-hand column & all open-access & national tools will be listed to the right.